How transitable is your city?


Have you ever wondered how “walkable” your city is in comparison to other Canadian cities? Or about how the quality of its transit system stacks up? If you have, you’re kind of a weirdo. But you’re a weirdo who’s in luck!

Walk Score, a Seattle-based company that scores cities based on their “walkability,” branched out into transit last year; thankfully they’re not trying to make “transitability” happen. The walkability scores for Canada have been out for some time, but our transit results were just released, and they offer competitive, Type-A personalities the potential to relish in victory over loved ones and long-distance friends.

Predictably, the country’s three largest cities took the top spots. After that it’s anyone’s guess; Winnipeg took fourth place, and Brampton managed to crack the top 10. Brampton!

[image via Walk Score blog]

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