Manitoba is cuckoo for specialty license plates


Don’t everybody go crazy at once now, but Manitoba Public Insurance are rolling out yet another “specialty” license plate!

In an afternoon press conference, Justice Minister Andrew Swan and Bill McDonald of the Winnipeg Humane Society unveiled a new license plate that’s sure to thrill dozens of dog lovers across Manitoba. The new plates are available at $70 a pop, a portion of which goes to the Humane Society, which is all just swell. Great, even. Well, no, let’s leave it at swell.

Now, Manitobans have a plethora of license specialty plates to choose from:

  • Winnipeg Jets
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  • Winnipeg Goldeyes
  • Curl Manitoba
  • Brandon Wheat Kings
  • Fishing (a plate for trailers)

If you’re veteran or a firefighter, you can also get your very own specialty plate, which is actually kind of cool, because you actually have to do something in order to get it, and not just pay 30-some odd bucks extra for it.

Of course, at this point, the whole “specialty” license plate thing has become a bit of a farce. Naturally, Twitter was awash in mockery of the announcement this morning. Here are some of my faves:

All in good fun, right folks? While we’re at it, if MPI is listening, I’d like to offer a couple more ideas to the mix…

  • The Guess Who. Featuring an image of the classic line-up, but all proceeds going to the current casino-touring Guess Who featuring Jim Kale, just to fire Burton Cummings up into a spectacular ALL CAPS Facebook rant.
  • Salisbury House. Featuring an image of Burton Cummings eating a Nip, with all proceeds going to building a giant bronze statue of the same image to be put on display on the corner of Portage & Main.
  • Gambling & Booze. Featuring iconic imagery of both, possibly involving Burton Cummings, with all proceeds going to the mega-corporation that oversees both vices in the province.
  • Manitoba Public Insurance theme. Featuring an image of the Monopoly man wearing an MPI hat, rolling in piles of cash.

[CBC] [image via Gerry "Woody"/Flickr]