Wes Anderson is obsessed with symmetry in his films

Wes Anderson’s films are, arguably, the most easily identified films of any working director. The somewhat timeless but vaguely 1970s-y dress and colour scheme, the omnipresent sans serif font, the deadpan line delivery, the killer 1960s-1980s soundtracks: all classic Anderson. Love it or hate it, chances are you do feel strongly about his work, in large part because of the very eccentricities that make it so distinctive.

In addition to the obvious markers anyone can pick out, Anderson’s unique artistic sensibilities show up onscreen in smaller ways. Thankfully for general audience-type viewers, filmmaker kogonada put together a video showcasing Anderson’s use of symmetry in all his major films.

[Daily Dot]

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  • Brendan Kergin

    I enjoy the geometry and symmetry of his work. To me it’s a visual cue that this is a fiction, the perfection of it lends itself to the stories that require suspension of disbelief. It’s like his use of background art and special effects.