This generic brand video will restore your faith in capitalism

You want to start a company, invent a revolutionary new product or re-imagine the very way we live our lives. Everything is in place for you to change the world — but how will you advertise?

Don’t sweat it. As this “Generic Brand Video” proves, as long as you have lots of random words and images strung together to piano music, you’ll have the perfect inspirational video to make pretty much anything sound appealing.

The idea came from a McSweeney’s essay of the same name by Kendra Eash, mocking the slick, feel-good corporate videos used to promote everything from telecommunications to nuclear energy (without actually saying very much).

The stock video site Dissolve took Eash’s generic ad idea and turned into into reality, using only footage from their own archive. From high-speed trains to tree-planting hippies to happy groups of attractive multi-ethnic people, this video has everything.

Of course, in making a generic video about nothing, Dissolve has really made an ad for its own services, which is the true genius of the whole thing. That’s some slick #branding.

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