Watch two guys climb a suspension bridge in Kyiv and dangle from the top

British freerunner James Kingston has climbed a whole bunch of tall structures for fun, but usually he’s only risking his own life.

In a just-released video, Kingston and a Ukrainian friend can be seen scaling the Moscow Bridge in Kyiv where Kingston dangles his climbing partner over the edge with one hand. Just for good measure, Kingston then does a backflip at the very top of the bridge’s support pillar, at a height of 120 metres. The video they shot of their crazy stunt is fucking terrifying.

The Moscow Bridge is apparently well-known among freerunners and other urban explorers in Eastern Europe for how easily one can climb up the cables, but that didn’t mean cops were any happier to see Kingston and his mysteriously named companion Mustang Wanted. The two were arrested once they made it back to the ground, with police questioning them about what they were photographing.

Luckily Kingston’s trip occurred at least a few months ago, before the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych and the subsequent Russian invasion of Crimea. Otherwise they might well have been arrested as Russian spies or something.

[via Epic TV]

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