Latest threat facing Quebec: Rich McGill students hogging the swimming pools

Janette Bertrand

The Quebec values charter — which is the Parti Quebecois’ transparent attempt to discriminate against Muslims, Sikhs and other minorities under the guise of secularism — got a big boost Sunday from Quebec icon Janette Bertrand.

The 89-year-old former actress and writer was at a PQ campaign event in Laval with Premier Pauline Marois and Bernard Drainville, the minister leading the charge on the values charter, when she suggested hypothetical “rich McGill students” could wreak havoc in the province if not reined in somehow.

Bertrand says she takes aquatic fitness classes in the swimming pool of her apartment building and she seemed particularly alarmed at how this might affect her.

Via CP:

Imagine, she said, two men come to a swimming pool in a Montreal apartment, and the sight of women in the water upsets them.

“Well, suppose they leave, and go see the owner,” said Bertrand, an 89-year-old former actress and journalist, emphasizing that the owner would be happy to have such “rich” McGill University students in the building.

“Then they ask, ‘Well, can we have a day,’ and they will pay… And then in a few months, it’s them who have all the pool time.”

“That’s what will happen if there is no charter.”

So just to recap: If Quebec doesn’t pass laws restricting people’s religious rights, rich McGill students will ruin this old woman’s aquafit class by… renting out the pool?

This comes less than a week after the PQ raised an alarm about out-of-province students in Montreal fraudulently voting in the provincial election. The panic about such student-led voter fraud has led to numerous students being denied the chance to vote, with even a young Green Party candidate being turned away this week when he tried to register. Imagine a provincial election in which a candidate on the ballot can’t vote for himself.

The paranoia of the PQ is really something to behold.

[Le Devoir | Canadian Press] [image: screenshot/CTV]

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  • Nobody

    The problematic assumptions with this article are 1: that men who don’t want to swim at the same time as women must be Muslim, and 2: that these same men are rich enough to get what they want, and 3) that these rich men go to McGill

    The article “works” because it knows readers will buy in to the same assumptions. Nowhere does it explicitly state that these “rich men” are Muslim. Is it just the PQ that has a problematic perception about Muslims?…

    • jack2211

      Yeah, the article isn’t saying any of that — Bertrand did.