Faith Goldy wants Justin Trudeau excommunicated for heresy

Sun News contributor Faith Goldy took over Michael Coren’s show The Arena this week and tried her best to be more of a religious fundamentalist than he is — by demanding Justin Trudeau be excommunicated from the Catholic church.

That’s not a joke.

Goldy spent a full eight minutes ranting against the Liberal leader’s support for abortion rights and declaring him guilty of “heresy.” This was followed by an interview with a pro-Catholic activist on the same issue.

This is a kind of derangement that’s startling even for Sun News. Although abortion was the main focus, the fill-in host also managed to list Trudeau’s support for the transgender rights bill, which she called the “transgender bathroom bill,” and Toronto’s gay pride parade, as well as his “pot obsession,” as a few ways he had strayed from the Church and therefore deserved damnation. (I didn’t know Catholics had an official stance on marijuana consumption.)

She went on to described abortion as “killing babies in utero,” called it a “targeted holocaust” and said the Church was letting pro-choice politicians “get away with murder.”

This must be some of that all-caps STRAIGHT TALK the network is always going on about.

Goldy conveniently elides lay Catholics’ complicated feelings on the issue, with a majority of the faithful in Canada and elsewhere in the world supporting abortion in at least some cases, although it would be great to hear Goldy try to justify excommunicating half a billion people.

“The right to excommunicate is a consequence of the fact the Church is a society,” Goldy said near the end of her diatribe. “Every society has the right to exclude and deprive advantages to its unworthy or grievously culpable members.”

What engaging and informative television programming. I can’t imagine why the network’s ratings are so poor.

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