The BC government wants to know if you have swastika blood


The BC and federal governments want the people of BC to know what hate crimes are, and how to recognize and stop them. But the campaign they’re using to spread this knowledge is a weird one, to say the least.


Yes, that’s right. After spending $150,000 on this campaign, the best idea anyone could think up for visually representing hate crimes was swastikas imprinted on blood cells and in X-rays.

But hey, they came up with a great pun! “Know hate.” It’s like, know what hate crimes are, but with the end goal of having no hate, right? If the campaign’s intention was to blow the minds of stoned teenagers, then it was definitely money well spent.

Beneath all the clever word-play, the campaign is lacking in substance. One of its major focal points is online hate crimes, but how often do those happen? That’s a question an interested party might have, but don’t bother looking at the website for that information, because you won’t find it. Oh, you’ll see what online hate crimes might look like, and they’ll tell you what you can do if you spot one. But you won’t find any statistics on how frequent they are, where you’re most likely to find them, or any other data that might be useful to potential (hate)Crime Stoppers.

The lack of information on actual online hate crimes might be an oversight, but it also might be because the people behind the campaign don’t understand social media that well. While there’s a Twitter account related to the campaign, it’s only got eight tweets and was last active on March 18. There doesn’t appear to be a Facebook page at all.

Why would anyone take advice on the internet from a campaign that doesn’t understand how the internet works?