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Canadian Blood Services opens doors to gay men who never get laid

Congratulations, gay men of Canada! Come summer, Canadian Blood Services and Héma-Québec can accept your blood donations for the first time since 1983. That is, if you haven’t had any sex with a man for the past five years.

The floor is lava!

Remember when you were younger and life was good? That is, except for all the hardships that kids have to go through like ghosts under your bed, girls having cooties and of course floors that are entirely made of lava.

We have lady premiers so sexism must be over, right?

Wow! Look how far we’ve come as a country. Almost half our leaders are ladies! Cue the marching band and drop that “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner. We’ve done it! Congrats women’s rights activists, the fight is over! What could be more indicative of a win for the movement than having almost half the country’s provincial leaders come from your team?

The Melbourne Metro doesn’t want you to die, so they made this cute video

Melbourne, Australia’s metropolitan rail service doesn’t want you to die. At least they don’t want you to die of stupid. In a departure from the usual “don’t be an idiot around subway trains” safety messages, Metro has created a catchy tune and cute web video demonstrating all the dumbest ways you could off yourself. Watch at your own risk; this tune will most definitely get stuck in your head.

Don’t live in Toronto? Don’t worry, there is a good chance your mayor is in trouble for something

In light of all the scandals brewing across the country right now, the Albatross has graciously combed through the shit piles to give you a briefing on some of the best scandals and allegations plaguing Canada’s mayors.

Magical vagina keeps US skier Lindsey Vonn from competing with men

American downhill skier Lindsey Vonn will not be permitted to compete in the men’s competition on November 24 in Lake Louise, Alberta. Vonn, one of the world’s most decorated alpine skiers, evidently does not have what it takes to compete against men — a penis.

People committing crimes so they can have wild pizza orgies in prison, imagines Vic Toews

If you like pizza parties, prison may just be the place for you. That is until party-pooping Vic Toews gets his way. Turns out that prison is very similar to grade in the ’90s when Pizza Hut would throw your class a party for reading books. Except in prison it’s more like they just spend their own money and buy pizza.