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Sochi is for lovers

Seeing double in Sochi: BBC correspondent Steve Rosenberg tweeted out this photo Jan. 20, showing an alarming public bathroom setup in the Olympic city.

Conrad Black owes $5.1M in back taxes

Conrad Black owes the Canadian government $5.1 million in taxes on income and taxable benefits from 2002. That’s the decision of a tax court that sided with the Canada Revenue Agency’s position that Black was a resident of Canada during that time and must therefore pay taxes. Black, who renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2001 so that he could become a British Lord, has been living in Toronto since 2012. [LINK]

The best of Drake on SNL

Toronto’s biggest cultural export this side of Rob Ford made his Saturday Night Live hosting debut last night and did double duty as the musical guest (he was previously the musical guest in a 2011 episode). And although the writers let him down at times, he mostly passed the comedy test with flying colours.

Canadians trash $27 billion worth of food a year

According to Statistics Canada, roughly 40 per cent of all the food we produce in Canada goes to waste, or about $27 billion a year. That’s greater than the combined GDP of the 32 poorest countries in the world. Fortunately or unfortunately, more than half of the food waste in Canada is generated in the home, so the problem and solution starts with individual consumers. [LINK]

AK-47 inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov was wracked by guilt over deaths caused by his weapon

Mikhail Kalashnikov, who died in late December at age 91, expressed regret over the many deaths caused by his iconic AK-47 rifle. “The pain in my soul is unbearable,” he wrote in a letter to the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. An estimated 100 million AK-47s are spread around the world, often the weapon of choice in third-world conflicts. Hey, at least Mozambique got a nice flag out of the whole thing. [LINK]