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Winnipeg continues using Assiniboine as garbage dump

Winnipeg is a river city. Founded many moons ago where the Red and the Assiniboine Rivers meet, the prairie city has relied on its waterways for a variety of things over the years — from transportation to recreation, drinking water (sick, right?) to effluent removal. But perhaps the single most enthusiastically embraced purpose of the mighty Assiniboine has been as a receptacle for trash.

Mosquito-vanquishing Winnipeg saviour disappears

Not many cities have rock-star-status entomologists. Heck, many cities don’t even have entomologists to begin with. But the mosquito-ridden capital of Manitoba had both, until earlier this week.

Winnipeg to pay rich people to displace poor

The City of Winnipeg recently unveiled a controversial plan to turn what is currently an underpopulated section of downtown into a residential neighbourhood. In a bid to fill empty condos and spur development of new ones in the heritage Exchange District, the city plans to fork over $10,000 cheques to anyone who buys a condo in the area and commits to living there for at least five years.