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Were you poor growing up? You’re probably out of luck forever, kid

In what will no doubt strike many readers as common-sense, especially those who have lived in poverty or know people who have, the Atlantic covers a paper finding that growing up poor affects people throughout their later lives no matter what their later economic situation.

Rex Murphy super bummed aboriginal people won’t get over colonialism

Right from the top of Rex Murphy’s Saturday column for the National Post it’s clear we’re in for a doozy: the title of his column is “A rude dismissal of Canada’s generosity.” It is about how rude aboriginal people in Canada are being, and how dismissive they are of Canada’s generous apology for almost genociding them. It’s about as close as you can come to calling a group “uppity” in a national newspaper in 2013.

The Globe and Mail is only interested in rich readers

"Fuck off, poor people!" says Canada's national newspaper

After instituting a paywall on their website last year that allows readers to access 10 free articles per month, publisher and chief executive Philip Crawley spoke to about what the paper has learned about its readership and how that has affected the paper’s behaviour.

Zach Galifianakis does what we all want to do, beats Justin Bieber

In the latest instalment of his hilarious and uncomfortable web series “Between Two Ferns,” Zach Galifianakis took Canada’s national treasure/embarrassment Justin Bieber to task for being an idiot. Among other things, he questioned Bieber’s statement that Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, his proclivity for peeing in buckets, and his penchant for driving too fast.

First licenses for pot sale under new rules go to Saskatoon firm

After revamping the rules on licensing for legal marijuana distribution, Health Canada awarded the first two new licenses to a Saskatoon firm called Prairie Plant Systems Inc., which sounds exactly like the covert name for a drug-running operation.

Swap beer for water in your taps, never be sober again

At the risk of being taken in by the Machiavellian Jimmy Kimmel, this is too good to ignore.

Rob Ford may have connection to gun-running, drug-trafficking gang

Information on the mayor's possible criminal associations should be revealed without compromising defendants' rights

As every Canadian with an internet connection knows by now, Toronto mayor Rob Ford has had an eventful summer. Since mid-May Ford has been dealing with accusations that he has smoked crack and that his brother, city councillor Doug, was a teenaged drug kingpin in Etobicoke, among other things.

U.S. admits Area 51 cover-up, scandal-weary public goes ‘eh’

The U.S. government finally declassified documents in late June pertaining to the mysterious Area 51. It wasn’t anything as exciting as a massive warehouse/experimentation lab for alien life-forms, unfortunately. It was just a large, covert military base for testing spy planes that the American government blatantly lied about for decades, convincing the public that people who “saw things” were either lying or crazy. Snooze!