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Wes Anderson is obsessed with symmetry in his films

Wes Anderson’s films are, arguably, the most easily identified films of any working director. The somewhat timeless but vaguely 1970s-y dress and colour scheme, the omnipresent sans serif font, the deadpan line delivery, the killer 1960s-1980s soundtracks: all classic Anderson. Love it or hate it, chances are you do feel strongly about his work, in large part because of the very eccentricities that make it so distinctive.

How transitable is your city?

Have you ever wondered how “walkable” your city is in comparison to other Canadian cities? Or about how the quality of its transit system stacks up? If you have, you’re kind of a weirdo. But you’re a weirdo who’s in luck!

Margaret Wente

Margaret Wente is terrified of ‘boys who want to be princesses’

The rights of transgender people are enjoying something of a moment in the sun. It may have begun early in 2013 when Orange is the New Black was released on Netflix, featuring a trans character played by real-life transwoman Laverne Cox. And just in time for this momentous groundswell of publicity for transgender issues comes Margaret Wente, who thrice-weekly likes to share her thoughts with Canada. She’s got some surprising opinions, and she’s really going against the grain. You know, speaking truth to power. Journalist stuff.