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Watch the new Anchorman 2 trailer

Paramount released the newest Anchorman 2 trailer Wednesday, giving us the best idea yet of what the movie will be like. Looks like Ron Burgundy and the gang are more or less responsible for the cheapening of journalism in the ’80s, exploiting everything from the crack epidemic to the rise in breast implants for easy […]

Video of Toronto police repeatedly shooting a guy alone on a streetcar holding a knife

Sammy Yatim, an 18-year-old man, was fatally shot by Toronto police late Friday night. Yatim was alone on a stopped streetcar during his encounter with police, after brandishing a knife and ordering the driver and passengers out earlier. In a bystander video uploaded to YouTube, several police officers outside the streetcar can be seen pointing their guns at the young man and ordering him to drop the knife.

Royal baby live cam — because why not?

Who gives a shit? Do you give a shit? Well OK, here’s a live stream of the hospital door behind which the Duchess of Cambridge is giving birth to a human creature that will live a life of unparalleled wealth and privilege. We’ll keep it up for as long as the stream is available.

Rob Ford’s first statement following crack cocaine allegations

Late Thursday night, Gawker (and later, reluctantly, the Toronto Star) reported having viewed a video showing Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. By now, everyone knows that. What we don’t know is Rob Ford’s side of the story.

Just astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson doing the moonwalk

In addition to being a famed astrophysicist and science educator, Neil deGrasse Tyson has also become an internet celebrity of sorts. Here’s a GIF of the man doing the moonwalk.

‘Argo’ + ‘Home Alone’ = the best mashup ever

In this version, the mean Iranians are just concerned about Kevin missing the flight.

This is a Harlem Shake video featuring Wayne Brady

People are still making Harlem Shake videos, but at least this one has a twist — a Wayne Brady twist!

The most moving anti-bullying video you will ever see

Kids used to bully him and call him Pork Chop. Now Vancouver-based slam poet Shane Koyczan is hitting back with a beautiful new poem and video to raise awareness and fight bullying.

Watch an adorable kitten play in a glass vase

Some Russian sadist, in his hunt for YouTube fame, put his adorable kitten inside a glass vase and recorded the results for your viewing pleasure. This looks uncomfortable — or maybe the kitten is really enjoying itself. Hard to know, but OMG AWW!!!

Funny YouTube tutorial shows you ‘how to draw Spider-Man really good’

Oliver is 24 and draws really good. Even more importantly, he’s willing to show you how to draw really good as well with a new YouTube series called — you guessed it — How to Draw Really Good.