A Note From The Publisher:

The Albatross is now accepting submissions. Here are your options:

  • Send us a 300 word article on a current event from the past week, or another topic deemed timely.
  • Send us 3 headlines, and we will tell you which we’d like you to flesh out into the above-mentioned 300 word article. This is more involved, but is less of a shot in the dark, and if your sensibility is way off of our tone and sense of humour, we can at least tell you before you run off and write a 300 word article.

And, if you can, please:

  • Attach one at least one additional sample of your (humour) writing.
  • Use word format.
  • Submit only writing that is original, unpublished, and not under consideration for publication anywhere else.
  • Be articulate.
  • Be funny.

Finally, while The Albatross does represent a unique, Canadian take on culture and current events, this does not mean that you may submit a story about maple syrup, beavers, moose, toques and/or Tim Hortons.

The Albatross will do its best to reply in a timely fashion.

The Albatross reserves the right to edit your submission.

A Note From The Editor-in-Chief:

The Albatross can’t possibly be the hardest online humour publication to have material accepted at – there are far more popular sites, and sheer competition would put us somewhere below them, even if they weren’t particularly funny.  There are also sites that are actually funnier, and better, but they dont even accept submissions, do they?

That being said, we would also probably be a lot more difficult to get into than the vast majority of online humour sites.  The kind of funny we’re interested in is somewhat narrow, is not really that popular in Canada – assuming the trajectory of the public trough is representative of anything – and we are fiercely committed to this kind of audience.