This adorable beaver at the zoo won’t stop waving his little paw

Beavers haven’t had it easy. We nearly hunted them to extinction for their fur, destroyed much of their habitat and gave them a place on the shittiest coin. But the noble beaver holds no grudge. He simply smiles and waves, just happy to have a friend.

Sask dog owners advised against home neutering, because dogs are not livestock

Apparently some dog owners in Saskatchewan want to save $200 so badly they’re skipping the vet’s office and just neutering Rover in the garage.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, even the cats

Meet Skinny, a 41-pound orange tabby from Richardson, Texas, looking for a new home.

The war against nature continues

School children in Steinbach, Manitoba were lucky enough to witness another victory in humanity’s War vs. Nature last week.

Norwegian driver avoids moose, hits bear

A brave Norwegian sacrificed his automobile last week in the War vs Nature. While cruising the back roads 225km north of Oslo, near the town of Hanestad, this hero was nearly done in by some clever double-team action on behalf of the Ursae and Cervidae families.

BC shark attack serves as reminder that we have to dominate and subdue nature with pipelines

Humanity suffered yet another casualty in the War vs. Nature this month. Earlier in July, an innocent woman from Campbell River, B.C. was viciously attacked by what authorities believe was a salmon shark.

Manitoba man adopts bear cub, probably gets bear cub killed as a result

The Bear Problem was exacerbated in Manitoba this past month. A black bear cub that was taken from the wild and adopted by a St. Malo, Manitoba man was returned to the wild by Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship. This does not bode well for the survival of Makoon.