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Zach Galifianakis does what we all want to do, beats Justin Bieber

In the latest instalment of his hilarious and uncomfortable web series “Between Two Ferns,” Zach Galifianakis took Canada’s national treasure/embarrassment Justin Bieber to task for being an idiot. Among other things, he questioned Bieber’s statement that Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, his proclivity for peeing in buckets, and his penchant for driving too fast.

First licenses for pot sale under new rules go to Saskatoon firm

After revamping the rules on licensing for legal marijuana distribution, Health Canada awarded the first two new licenses to a Saskatoon firm called Prairie Plant Systems Inc., which sounds exactly like the covert name for a drug-running operation.

Rob Ford may have connection to gun-running, drug-trafficking gang

Information on the mayor's possible criminal associations should be revealed without compromising defendants' rights

As every Canadian with an internet connection knows by now, Toronto mayor Rob Ford has had an eventful summer. Since mid-May Ford has been dealing with accusations that he has smoked crack and that his brother, city councillor Doug, was a teenaged drug kingpin in Etobicoke, among other things.

Halifax coffee shops begin unionizing; will other baristas join the class war?

Underemployed and not seeing anything better coming along, struggling coffee shop employees in Halifax, N.S., have begun unionization efforts. After a struggle that may have caused workers to lose their jobs, the Just Us! chain successfully joined Local 2 of the Service Employees’ International Union.

NDP too busy ending sexual harassment in RCMP to end it in their own party

Like so many events in the adult world, a fundraiser at the NDP’s convention in April was a messy, alcohol-soaked evening. Supervisors left early without telling their underlings, other managers refused to help out said underlings because it wasn’t “their event,” a young staffer was harassed by an older, more politically connected man and the staffer was later reprimanded for being harassed.

Voting's for suckers: young Canadians

A recent report studying Canadians’ political engagement came to the unsurprising conclusion that our country’s youth have no patience for things like joining political parties and contacting their elected officials. In today’s fast-food, self-serve, 3G-WiFi-LTE world, there’s no time to attend political conventions and stump for MPs.

Hey, cool: journalist arrested for covering protests (updated)

Miles Howe, who has been writing for Media Co-op about “the struggle against seismic testing related to shale gas exploration in New Brunswick” for several weeks, was arrested earlier today as he attempted to enter a testing site with APTN reporter Jorge Barrera.

Greengrocer behemoth one step closer to total fresh food domination

Once a scrappy upstart in the bloody, dog-eat-dog world of grocery sales, Canada’s own Sobeys, Inc. is now a force to reckon with. It is adding 213 stores to its already 1,300-strong army of fresh produce-slinging locations with yesterday’s announcement that Sobeys bought Safeway’s Canadian division.