Cat plays shell game, wins with little effort

Meet Kido, a cat who was abandoned twice before being adopted by his current owner. He now lives in Brooklyn where he is occasionally introduced to things like the shell game, which he easily masters on his first try. The fact that he even knew to guess a cup rather than just walking away or [...]

Everything’s bigger in Texas, even the cats

Meet Skinny, a 41-pound orange tabby from Richardson, Texas, looking for a new home.

Against all odds, this adorable cat is a real thing that exists

Lil Bub was born a “perma-kitten” and a dwarf, so he will always remain tiny. He also has bulging green eyes, extra toes and no teeth, so his tongue always adorably sticks out of his adorable kitten face.

Cat begins tenth life as a helicopter

Bart Jansen loved his cat. So obviously, when it died, he turned it into a radio controlled helicopter. No, it’s cool because the cat was named “Orville” after the Wright brother.