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Cute corgi wants you to pet him

Here’s an adorable corgi that loves getting petted. And when you stop petting, the dog actually paws at you to keep going. Eeeee!

The most bizarre and endearing ad on the internet today

Beneful has made a confusing but, ultimately, delightful video for us to enjoy.

The Dachshund UN is a lot like the real UN

The Dachshund UN is the work of Australian artist Bennett Miller, who created the show to highlight the difficulties in peacefully resolving differences among nations. And it’s sooooooo cute!

Sask dog owners advised against home neutering, because dogs are not livestock

Apparently some dog owners in Saskatchewan want to save $200 so badly they’re skipping the vet’s office and just neutering Rover in the garage.

Is OMFGDogs the new Nyan Cat?

Behold: your latest obsession. Artist Paul Robertson designed this gif of a pack of adorable dogs running over a rainbow background about a year ago and posted it on his Tumblr. Now someone has added some music and possibly created the heir to Nyan Cat.

And now for something completely adorable

Is that a gif of a corgi being vacuumed? Yes, yes it is.