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Margaret Wente

Margaret Wente is terrified of ‘boys who want to be princesses’

The rights of transgender people are enjoying something of a moment in the sun. It may have begun early in 2013 when Orange is the New Black was released on Netflix, featuring a trans character played by real-life transwoman Laverne Cox. And just in time for this momentous groundswell of publicity for transgender issues comes Margaret Wente, who thrice-weekly likes to share her thoughts with Canada. She’s got some surprising opinions, and she’s really going against the grain. You know, speaking truth to power. Journalist stuff.

‘Body language expert’ offers ‘insight’ on Rob Ford, it is ‘terrible’

On Friday, Canada’s newspaper of record published a video of reporter Hannah Sung interviewing Diane Craig, a body language expert and “executive trainer with Corporate Class Inc,” to discuss how Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s body language conveys what is going on in his personal and professional life right now. It was an illuminating discussion that somehow managed to fall short even of the low, low bar set by the description “interview with a body language expert.”