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‘Body language expert’ offers ‘insight’ on Rob Ford, it is ‘terrible’

On Friday, Canada’s newspaper of record published a video of reporter Hannah Sung interviewing Diane Craig, a body language expert and “executive trainer with Corporate Class Inc,” to discuss how Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s body language conveys what is going on in his personal and professional life right now. It was an illuminating discussion that somehow managed to fall short even of the low, low bar set by the description “interview with a body language expert.”

The Globe and Mail is only interested in rich readers

"Fuck off, poor people!" says Canada's national newspaper

After instituting a paywall on their website last year that allows readers to access 10 free articles per month, publisher and chief executive Philip Crawley spoke to Journalism.co.uk about what the paper has learned about its readership and how that has affected the paper’s behaviour.

98 per cent of new judges in Canada are white

Of the 100 new federal judges appointed in the last few years, 98 were white. The only exceptions were two Métis judges, one in B.C. and one in Nova Scotia.