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CBC's propaganda for Harper

Canadaland host Jesse Brown has a new video out exploring a quid-pro-quo agreement between the federal government and the CBC, in which the public broadcaster went all out to cover a salvage operation in the arctic that just so happened to be a pet project of Stephen Harper’s. The price tag to get Peter Mansbridge up north: $65,000

Conservative MPs making it rain across the country at various legion halls and community centres

The Conservative government loves to throw money around, especially when it’s in Tory ridings. Have a playground that needs a fix-up? Maybe a park that needs benches replaced or a pool that needs a new diving board? All you have to do is ask and a whole fleet of government ministers will show up in your small town with briefcases of cash.

Here’s a picture of Stephen Harper meeting last week with the head of China’s Central Propaganda Department

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had a little-publicized meeting last week with Li Changchun, who heads China’s Central Propaganda Department. He is seen as the fifth-most powerful man in China’s communist party.