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Twitter reacts appropriately to weirdo techie’s Trayvon Martin Google Glass ad

Eric Kuhn is the insightful thinker who saw through the race debate preoccupying most people to ask that brave question. And really, what if he had been wearing them? As Kuhn will tell you, Martin could have instructed his glasses to record Zimmerman’s approach. As a logical person whose every action is dictated by instantaneous risk/reward calculations, Zimmerman would have realized that assaulting or murdering this young man was not worth it because he would be recorded, and he would have continued on his way. Google would have saved Martin’s life.

Canada’s BFF Israel admits to targeting Ethiopian immigrants for birth control

On Sunday, the Israeli government officially acknowledged that it had systematically coerced Ethiopian immigrants into accepting long-acting birth control shots like Depo-Provera. Thankfully, the admission came with an order to end the practice. The policy first came to light in 2008, and is especially troubling because Depo-Provera is linked to side effects like decreased bone density.