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Kevin O'Leary embarrasses himself on CNBC

Jesse Myerson is a young left-wing journalist who recently wrote an article for Rolling Stone that advocates some solutions to America’s ongoing economic malaise. These solutions range from a guaranteed income to a land-value tax. They are reforms that assume the economy should serve the people (all of them), and not the other way around.

Just because a protest is nonviolent doesn’t mean it can’t be inconvenient or disruptive

The nationwide blockades begun on Wednesday’s “national day of action” for Idle No More are doing exactly what they were intended to do: bring people’s attention to the gravity of Aboriginal frustrations. Blockading railways, highways and national borders is a tricky matter because of the debate around the practice and whether or not it constitutes a form of violence.

Scientists continue to labour under the illusion that the government cares about their opinions

On Tuesday, July 10, hundreds of scientists dressed in white lab coats protested on Parliament Hill against federal budget cuts to science and environmental monitoring.

Two idiots with bad aim shoot bystanders in argument over Kool-Aid

If you do something well it is important to make sure everyone knows and respects your talents. That is probably why two Detroit connoisseurs of Kool-Aid got into a heated battle over who can mix a better drink.

Foreign Minister John Baird has brass balls and doesn’t care who knows about them

It’s long been common knowledge that Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has a freakishly large head, but it seems he has the balls to match. In a move that shocked reporters, but failed to faze anyone who pays attention to the dealings of the Harper government, Baird said Monday that shutting down the National Round […]

VIDEO: Nebraska woman with a weird hat delivers a nonsensical anti-gay speech

Lincoln, Neb. is holding hearings on a proposed ordinance to protect LGBT people from discrimination. Watch as one woman goes on a rambling five-minute speech addressing the town council that defies comprehension.

Stephen Harper wants to know why the NDP didn’t travel back in time to stop Hitler

The NDP, a party of cowards and pacifists, may not have existed until the 1960s, but that won’t stop Prime Minister Stephen Harper from blaming them for not standing up to Hitler.