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So long and good riddance: Vic Toews resigns

On Monday, conservative demagogue federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced his resignation as minister and Member of Parliament. What will he do with his days now that he’s no longer imposing unreasonably harsh sentences on crimes and trying to watch what we do online? Will he speak about how legalizing gay marriage brought “the […]

Golfing in Coachella Valley just as boring as everywhere else

Golf is something of a Number One pastime among old residents and vacationers down here. With over 140 courses to choose from in this valley of 400,000 people, one would be hard-pressed to afford to try even a reasonable amount of the selection.

It’s hard to find the weird in a valley full of golf courses, cheap beer and olds

After a weekend with my retired parents in a gaited community in Snowbird Central, California (aka the Coachella Valley), undercover reporter Sheldon Birnie has made a few observations.