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Winnipeg to pay rich people to displace poor

The City of Winnipeg recently unveiled a controversial plan to turn what is currently an underpopulated section of downtown into a residential neighbourhood. In a bid to fill empty condos and spur development of new ones in the heritage Exchange District, the city plans to fork over $10,000 cheques to anyone who buys a condo in the area and commits to living there for at least five years.

US national treasure James Franco covers Canadian national treasure Justin Bieber

Last night America’s greatest director, actor, writer and perma-stoned heartthrob James Franco uploaded a groundbreaking video of himself and girlfriend Ashley Benson covering Justin Bieber’s 2012 single “Boyfriend.” Franco has adorned himself with a straight-haired wig, baseball cap and hoodie to look like early-2012 Bieber, in his halcyon days before the haircut that signalled his […]