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Toronto winter is for babies

Winter finally came to Toronto this week, with snow falling — and promptly melting — on Saturday and Sunday. But lest the urbane people of Canada’s largest city forget how easy they have it compared to the hardscrabble peoples of outer Canada (the rest of the country), lest they even for one second mistake their light, pleasant winter wonderland for the shadowy thunderdome that is prairie winter, let us now check in on two of the prairies’ largest cities.

First licenses for pot sale under new rules go to Saskatoon firm

After revamping the rules on licensing for legal marijuana distribution, Health Canada awarded the first two new licenses to a Saskatoon firm called Prairie Plant Systems Inc., which sounds exactly like the covert name for a drug-running operation.

Hey, cool: Saskatoon police ticket armless man for not wearing seatbelt

Last week, as prairie folks’ thoughts turned to spring from the unending hell that is their winter, Saskatoon police ticketed an unnamed armless man for driving without wearing a seatbelt, despite the fact that he can’t put a seatbelt on himself.

Saskatoon still trying to fill exorcist-shaped hole

An Ontario science advocacy group (read:a bunch of virgin poindexters) has taken umbrage at Catholic Church officials in Saskatoon who, apparently, still believe in demon possession and exorcism.