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Were you poor growing up? You’re probably out of luck forever, kid

In what will no doubt strike many readers as common-sense, especially those who have lived in poverty or know people who have, the Atlantic covers a paper finding that growing up poor affects people throughout their later lives no matter what their later economic situation.

Should you hit snooze on your alarm clock?

The short answer: No.

Just astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson doing the moonwalk

In addition to being a famed astrophysicist and science educator, Neil deGrasse Tyson has also become an internet celebrity of sorts. Here’s a GIF of the man doing the moonwalk.

Arctic ice at lowest levels ever recorded; untold riches surely to follow

Scientists are sounding warning bells like mad this week, as new studies reveal that Arctic ice cover this summer was at its lowest point in recorded history, shattering 2007′s record.

Too much TV makes kids fat and weak, according to world’s most obvious study

Researchers at the University of Montreal followed 1,314 children between the ages of 2.5 and 4.5 years, finding that watching television can lead to weaker and fatter kids. Who could have predicted that?

Scientists continue to labour under the illusion that the government cares about their opinions

On Tuesday, July 10, hundreds of scientists dressed in white lab coats protested on Parliament Hill against federal budget cuts to science and environmental monitoring.

Spanking children probably messes them up later in life, obviously

Apparently adults who were spanked and otherwise physically punished as children have much higher rates of mental disorders like depression and anxiety, as well as alcohol and drug abuse. Who could have predicted such a thing?!

Canada’s science minister refuses to say if he believes in evolution, accuses opponent of autoerotic asphyxiation

Federal Minister of Science and Technology Gary Goodyear doesn’t like questions about whether he believes in evolution. How dare you ask! He also doesn’t like you jerking off in an unsafe way.