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CBC's propaganda for Harper

Canadaland host Jesse Brown has a new video out exploring a quid-pro-quo agreement between the federal government and the CBC, in which the public broadcaster went all out to cover a salvage operation in the arctic that just so happened to be a pet project of Stephen Harper’s. The price tag to get Peter Mansbridge up north: $65,000

Alberta MP shamelessly stands up for values in House of Commons

Edmonton-St. Albert Member of Parliament Brent Rathgeber will undoubtedly become the latest in a string of Canadian political figures to incur the wrath of the public. After speaking publicly and candidly about the issues he’s had with the federal government and failing to see a resolution, Rathgeber resigned from the Conservative caucus Wednesday evening.

The ‘Harper Government’ is taking credit for everything these days

For a group of people who abhor government excess, the Conservative Party sure likes to brand everything as being the work of The Harper Government™.

Canada’s BFF Israel admits to targeting Ethiopian immigrants for birth control

On Sunday, the Israeli government officially acknowledged that it had systematically coerced Ethiopian immigrants into accepting long-acting birth control shots like Depo-Provera. Thankfully, the admission came with an order to end the practice. The policy first came to light in 2008, and is especially troubling because Depo-Provera is linked to side effects like decreased bone density.

Stephen Harper with friends at a hockey game

Local sports fan Stephen Harper has written a book about hockey

Stephen Harper’s long-awaited book about hockey is coming out this year. He has worked on the book for eight years and finally seems ready to publish.

Expensive and ineffective PR stunt by union leaders sure to endear them to everyone

A group of disgruntled union fatbacks were crying in their beers this past Labour Day, as RCMP shut down a union-funded stunt involving a chartered airplane and a cry-baby banner.