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So long and good riddance: Vic Toews resigns

On Monday, conservative demagogue federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced his resignation as minister and Member of Parliament. What will he do with his days now that he’s no longer imposing unreasonably harsh sentences on crimes and trying to watch what we do online? Will he speak about how legalizing gay marriage brought “the […]

Conservative MPs making it rain across the country at various legion halls and community centres

The Conservative government loves to throw money around, especially when it’s in Tory ridings. Have a playground that needs a fix-up? Maybe a park that needs benches replaced or a pool that needs a new diving board? All you have to do is ask and a whole fleet of government ministers will show up in your small town with briefcases of cash.

People committing crimes so they can have wild pizza orgies in prison, imagines Vic Toews

If you like pizza parties, prison may just be the place for you. That is until party-pooping Vic Toews gets his way. Turns out that prison is very similar to grade in the ’90s when Pizza Hut would throw your class a party for reading books. Except in prison it’s more like they just spend their own money and buy pizza.

Vic Toews still not giving up on his warrantless online spying bill

Canada’s favourite walrus Vic Toews says Bill C-30, the warrantless spying bill that a majority of the country rejected, would help the investigation into the gruesome body parts murder.