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Wes Anderson is obsessed with symmetry in his films

Wes Anderson’s films are, arguably, the most easily identified films of any working director. The somewhat timeless but vaguely 1970s-y dress and colour scheme, the omnipresent sans serif font, the deadpan line delivery, the killer 1960s-1980s soundtracks: all classic Anderson. Love it or hate it, chances are you do feel strongly about his work, in large part because of the very eccentricities that make it so distinctive.

Kevin O'Leary embarrasses himself on CNBC

Jesse Myerson is a young left-wing journalist who recently wrote an article for Rolling Stone that advocates some solutions to America’s ongoing economic malaise. These solutions range from a guaranteed income to a land-value tax. They are reforms that assume the economy should serve the people (all of them), and not the other way around.

Zach Galifianakis does what we all want to do, beats Justin Bieber

In the latest instalment of his hilarious and uncomfortable web series “Between Two Ferns,” Zach Galifianakis took Canada’s national treasure/embarrassment Justin Bieber to task for being an idiot. Among other things, he questioned Bieber’s statement that Anne Frank would have been a Belieber, his proclivity for peeing in buckets, and his penchant for driving too fast.

Swap beer for water in your taps, never be sober again

At the risk of being taken in by the Machiavellian Jimmy Kimmel, this is too good to ignore.

Guy takes down the friend zone

Slam poetry aside (which I say only because I do not like slam poetry), this video is pretty great. Dylan Garity explains his evolution from a nerdy, clammy-handed adolescent into an aware, rape-disliking grown man unafraid to acknowledge his own problematic former attitudes.

Off-duty Israeli soldier beats Palestinian worker

Video of an off-duty Israeli soldier (Electronic Intifada identifies him as “Michael Gershkowitz of the Israeli army’s Kfir brigade”) stopping his car to harass several Palestinian workers and severely beat one.

Disappointingly lame One Direction video has most YouTube views in single day

This is One Direction’s latest effort. The video tries to pretend at having a story to it, but quickly devolves into meaningless chaos as the boys run amok in a record label office tossing over desks and doing the choreographed dance moves they promised they would never do.