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Winnipeg police are raiding legal head shops now

Head shop owners in Winnipeg believe they are being specifically targeted for harassment by local police in the wake of yet another raid last week. Jeremy Loewen is only the latest entrepreneur to have his store — Hemp Haven, which today stands shuttered in Winnipeg’s Elmwood neighbourhood — raided by Winnipeg police, in what many […]

Toronto winter is for babies

Winter finally came to Toronto this week, with snow falling — and promptly melting — on Saturday and Sunday. But lest the urbane people of Canada’s largest city forget how easy they have it compared to the hardscrabble peoples of outer Canada (the rest of the country), lest they even for one second mistake their light, pleasant winter wonderland for the shadowy thunderdome that is prairie winter, let us now check in on two of the prairies’ largest cities.

Winnipeg continues using Assiniboine as garbage dump

Winnipeg is a river city. Founded many moons ago where the Red and the Assiniboine Rivers meet, the prairie city has relied on its waterways for a variety of things over the years — from transportation to recreation, drinking water (sick, right?) to effluent removal. But perhaps the single most enthusiastically embraced purpose of the mighty Assiniboine has been as a receptacle for trash.

Mayonnaise enema during Fringe play upsets prudes

Apparently two dudes on stage just giving each other mayonnaise enemas and blowjobs is no longer acceptable. Yeah, you heard that right. Some puritans who attended a Winnipeg Fringe play on Friday were so flabbergasted that two actors on stage would repeatedly engage in mayonnaise-based anal hygiene and dick-based fellatio that they clutched their pearls and actually walked out of the show.

Winnipeg to pay rich people to displace poor

The City of Winnipeg recently unveiled a controversial plan to turn what is currently an underpopulated section of downtown into a residential neighbourhood. In a bid to fill empty condos and spur development of new ones in the heritage Exchange District, the city plans to fork over $10,000 cheques to anyone who buys a condo in the area and commits to living there for at least five years.