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Winnipeg continues using Assiniboine as garbage dump

Winnipeg is a river city. Founded many moons ago where the Red and the Assiniboine Rivers meet, the prairie city has relied on its waterways for a variety of things over the years — from transportation to recreation, drinking water (sick, right?) to effluent removal. But perhaps the single most enthusiastically embraced purpose of the mighty Assiniboine has been as a receptacle for trash.

Mosquito-vanquishing Winnipeg saviour disappears

Not many cities have rock-star-status entomologists. Heck, many cities don’t even have entomologists to begin with. But the mosquito-ridden capital of Manitoba had both, until earlier this week.

Mayonnaise enema during Fringe play upsets prudes

Apparently two dudes on stage just giving each other mayonnaise enemas and blowjobs is no longer acceptable. Yeah, you heard that right. Some puritans who attended a Winnipeg Fringe play on Friday were so flabbergasted that two actors on stage would repeatedly engage in mayonnaise-based anal hygiene and dick-based fellatio that they clutched their pearls and actually walked out of the show.

Winnipeg to pay rich people to displace poor

The City of Winnipeg recently unveiled a controversial plan to turn what is currently an underpopulated section of downtown into a residential neighbourhood. In a bid to fill empty condos and spur development of new ones in the heritage Exchange District, the city plans to fork over $10,000 cheques to anyone who buys a condo in the area and commits to living there for at least five years.

Restaurant staff sometimes make up nicknames for customers, Winnipeg couple is devastated to learn

A completely-normal-in-every-possible-way couple from Winnipeg has received a public apology from a Marion Street pub for being identified by staff as “weirdos.”

RCMP using mini-helicopter drones to solve crimes, spy on people

Watch out, bad guys! The RCMP are about to have a shitload more remote controlled spies up in the sky.

Don’t live in Toronto? Don’t worry, there is a good chance your mayor is in trouble for something

In light of all the scandals brewing across the country right now, the Albatross has graciously combed through the shit piles to give you a briefing on some of the best scandals and allegations plaguing Canada’s mayors.

Winnipeg’s new police chief to use the power of prayer to fight crime

Who needs a “tough on crime” agenda in Ottawa when we’ve got a God on Crime program kicking ass here in Winnipeg?

Famous Winnipeg intersection gets more bad news as Wheat Board goes under

Approximately 300 pencil-pushers at the embattled Canadian Wheat Board head office in downtown Winnipeg are about to get their walking papers.