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Shocker: Men's rights activists in Edmonton are rape apologists

Straight men just can’t seem to catch a break. They work hard all week, and then when they want to relax and have a couple cold brews with their bros on the weekend they get hoodwinked by shiny-haired succubi using sex to destroy their lives. Luckily for these helpless creatures — really, the eternal victims of our female-dominated society — there’s a group of guys in Edmonton trying to put a stop to the madness.

We have lady premiers so sexism must be over, right?

Wow! Look how far we’ve come as a country. Almost half our leaders are ladies! Cue the marching band and drop that “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner. We’ve done it! Congrats women’s rights activists, the fight is over! What could be more indicative of a win for the movement than having almost half the country’s provincial leaders come from your team?