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The Best Way to Clean Custom kitchen cabinets

Do you have cabinets in your kitchen? If yes then you will know, how important it is to clean and maintain it. Whether you are planning on cleaning your bathroom vanities, custom kitchen cabinets, or storage cabinets, these cleaning tips will help to make it look the best.

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Cabinet Cleaning Routines

Cabinet cleaning techniques are the same irrespective of whether you are working on the kitchen storage area or bath. However, you might have to budget various amounts of time based on the room. Cabinets in the kitchen face constant challenges from bacteria, dirt, grease, and fingerprint. Grease accumulates from cooking sprays or cooking. Condensation from temperature changes and dirt and bacteria from the food and hands is capable of damaging the exteriors.

In case you have a busy kitchen, some custom kitchen cabinets have to be wiped clean once in a day. Others might require a weekly cleaning. You need to clean around the handles and also close to the appliance. You need to use the following tips for customizing the cleaning routines on the basis of the cabinet materials.

Wood Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets might be made of solid wood, vinyl-coated wood, or veneer over wood. The wood can be sealed with polyurethane, varnish, or wax. Care will depend on the surface treatment. General-purpose oil-soap is going to work well for general care. Whatever is the sealant, you need to clean, wax, and polish the wood cabinet. Temperature and heat might change dry wood.  Wooden cabinets might also be damaged due to the steam from dishwashing and cooking. Wipe the cabinets dry. You should not make the wood excessively wet. You need to disinfectant all surface from time to time using diluted anti-bacterial cleaner that does not contain bleach. Wipe and then rinse and clean with a clean and dry cloth.  You have to work with the grain of the wood when you clean and polish.

Painted Cabinets

Painted custom kitchen cabinets which are sealed with one or more paint coats of oil-paints tend to be more durable and thus, are more scrub-able than latex wood paint. You need to wash the painted cabinets with the help of warm water and diluted all-purpose cleaner, white vinegar, or wood cleaner. You should not get the wood excessively wet. Make sure that you rinse the surface with water and second cloth.

Wipes which might be contaminated with food-borne bacterial along with anti-bacterial kitchen cleaner or solution.

In case grease has built up, you have to wipe the cabinets with water and ammonia.  Rinse with the help of clear water. If you find stubborn stain, loosen the dirt with the help of baking soda. Make sure that you do not any kind of abrasive cleaners. This is because it might scratch the surface.

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Metal Cabinets

Metal custom kitchen cabinets are known to have enamel finish. Hence, they are cared for in the same manner like other painted cabinets. You should avoid soaking metal cabinets with the help of water since prolonged dampness can lead to rust along cracks and seams.

Laminate Cabinets

Wipe the laminate surface with the help of an all-purpose cleaner. You can also you white vinegar and diluted water. Rinse and then dry with the help of a clean cloth. Disinfect the surface with the help of an anti-bacterial cleaner. Make sure that you pay attention to the seams in between the cabinet surfaces.