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Scary clouds in Saskatchewan. 

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Happy Canada Day

Alec Baldwin has another meltdown on Twitter

The newest CFL team is the Ottawa RedBlacks. Here’s what the mascot should be.

Everything you need to know about the Rob Ford crack scandal, courtesy of Taiwan’s best animated news.


We Promise Not to Screw

Quick, someone teach the Yahoo social team how to use the Tumblr Twitter box. STAT.

Image: Automated tweet from Yahoo’s Tumblr to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s Twitter account.

From the Baguette-me-nots project.


No More Stars (Star Wars)  Abandoned Movie Sets / Set abbandonatiTunisia September 2010, Photographic Series /Serie Fotografica, Lambda Prints 

This is a series of photographs taken in the abandoned movie sets of the film saga Star Wars, filmed in different locations in the south of Tunisia. Unexpectedly those sets have been left on location and therefore after years some of it have now become ruins, almost as some sort strange archeological sites.